By The Zoja Beauty Team

We detox our bodies, our homes, our personal lives and so on and so forth. Now you may be in the process of starting to detox some of your cosmetic and skincare products. If you are just starting, in the process or well on your way, here are 5 tips to help you out.

1. Look For The 10 Major No-No Ingredients

This includes synthetic fragrances, parabens, oxybenzone, sulfates, BHA, triclosan & triclocarban, retinol, petroleum distillates, hydroquinone and coal tar. For a detailed description of all of these, visit our blog post here.

2. Read The Whole List

Many ingredient lists look great at first, but then look towards the bottom of the list to see if there are harmful preservatives, unknown fragrances, etc. Brands boasting of their natural products still sometimes use harmful preservatives. and other questionable ingredients. Some brands green-wash and loop you in with promises of better ingredients, so read the whole list. 

3. Say No To Nano Ingredients

Look to see if the product contains nano ingredients such as nano-zinc or nano-titanium dioxide. Avoid nano ingredients because of their ability to be absorbed into the skin.

4. Replace As You Need

Going to non-toxic is great, but not everything needs to be replaced. Sometimes it's good to evaluate what you actually use on a day to day basis and start with that.

5. Remember That You Will Find New Favorites!

When switching to natural products, it can be frustrating to not find a favorite product right away. That is going to happen! Thanks to the internet, it is much easier to find products and reviews.

Have you ever wondered what ingredients are in the makeup that you use?

You are not alone in wondering this! Sara Kaitlyn, creator of Zoja Beauty wondered that on a daily basis. So along came Zoja Beauty, a solution to her wondering. She developed Zoja Beauty to meet her want for makeup with clean ingredients that where still highly pigmented. And more than just that, with raw, organic ingredients that still have their healing properties. 

Her findings were that if an ingredient has been refined, bleached and deodorized, they lose the properties that actually benefit the skin. So, whenever we can we use, cold-pressed, unrefined, organic plant oils and butters. All ingredients in addition to those are rated safe by the Environmental Working Group.

Zoja Beauty is helping disrupt the beauty industry with products that not only work, but help take care of your skin. We are also dedicated to reducing plastic, toxins and wasteful packaging. When we can, we use paper, glass and metal packaging. Our product labels are printed on a PLA (polylactic acid) material which is corn derived and biodegradable. And we use as little boxing as possible, to not only reduce paper, but save costs on our end and pass those savings on to you. 

At Zoja Beauty our standard is that "going green" doesn't mean sacrificing fun, fashion and beauty. We are here to help you replace the products you love with better.

Zoja Beauty uses recyclable and biodegradable packaging whenever possible. These top 3 favorites are in wax coated, paperboard tubes.

The Balm Of Boss Girl is an everyday moisture stick with beeswax and organic plant butters. The Boss Girl Multitasker is a versatile tinted balm that compliments all skin tones and gives a hint of berry color. The Glo Bunny Glo Sticks come in 3 colors to give you a beautiful highlight wherever desired.

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Have you ever heard of the Balm of Gilead? Well ours may not be as well known, but Balm of Boss Girl is an amazing versatile balm. For all the
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This tinted balm is perfect for cheeks, lips and eyes. A sheer berry tint that gives a beautiful wash of color suitable for all skin tones. Made with organic plant
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Our Glo Stick highlighting balm is a beautiful beam of light wherever you desire. Cheeks, eyes, nose and lips. This balm to powder formula is never greasy and goes on
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When creating Zoja Beauty cosmetics, Sara Kaitlyn wanted to bring together nature and art. She wanted versatility with the ability to go from a fresh faced no makeup look to full on glam. The products are highly pigmented, so just using a little will help with that no-makeup dewy look or get a little more on your brush and you can have a full face of makeup. 

The products are designed to breath with your skin due to the natural, fresh and raw ingredients they are made with. Ingredients like beeswax, are used to create a protective, flexible barrier on the skin.