About Us

Hey there!

I created Zoja Beauty out of my love for makeup and my daughter Zoe Jane. I have long been an enthusiast of going the natural route with food, household products and cosmetics. The only problem was that I have had a hard time finding toxic free cosmetics that perform as well as high end cosmetics. I also wanted makeup that benefitted my skin. So I didn't feel like I was asking for much :)

That is how I started, and I haven't stopped since. I have enjoyed the journey, the process and the beauty of it. 

We make small batch cosmetics that perform as well or better than the stuff full of chemicals you find at the high end makeup counter. Our products contain ingredients that benefit and soothe your skin. You never have to wonder what is in your makeup. 

Much love,

xo Sara Kaitlyn

p.s. To learn more about me personally, follow me on instagram @sarakaitlyn or visit my blog, sarakaitlyn.com