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Introducing Akibe Solid Conditioner Bar, the ultimate waterless and ultra-concentrated solution for luxurious hair care. This innovative formula is designed to leave your hair soft, detangled, and smooth without weighing it down or compromising volume. Experience the refreshing sensation of our fresh floral scent, awakening your senses with each use.

With Akibe Solid Conditioner Bar, versatility is key. One bar offers three different ways to use it, depending on your hair type and condition. Use it as a pre-poo treatment to nourish and prepare your hair before shampooing. Apply it as a traditional conditioner for a deep conditioning experience, or leave it in as a leave-in conditioner for added hydration and manageability.

Just like their solid shampoo bars, their solid conditioner bars are ethically handcrafted by women in Gabon, Africa. By choosing these products, you actively support their empowerment and create positive change in their communities.

This ultra-concentrated formula means that one Akibe Solid Conditioner Bar is equivalent to three to four bottles of liquid conditioner. Embrace a clean and minimalist formula that is free from harmful chemicals, making it safe for your hair and the environment. Akibe's commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging, which is plastic-free and compostable, minimizing waste and reducing your ecological footprint.

Experience the power of natural ingredients sourced from Africa, carefully selected for their nourishing properties. Our pH-balanced and soap-free formula ensures optimal hair and scalp health, while remaining highly biodegradable to respect nature and oceans. Rest assured knowing that their products are vegan and made with natural ingredients, suitable for a conscious and cruelty-free lifestyle.

Akibe Solid Conditioner Bar is suitable for all hair types, providing tailored solutions for your specific hair condition. Adjust your routine accordingly for perfect results, whether you have dry, damaged hair, or fine, oily hair. Our tear-free formula also makes it suitable for kids over three years old, ensuring gentle and safe hair care. Additionally, our conditioner is perfect for pregnant women, offering a worry-free and nurturing experience.